Movie Games' Erotic Horror LUST FROM BEYOND Has Finally Received New Release Date — February 25


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Movie Games' Erotic Horror LUST FROM BEYOND Has Finally Received New Release Date — February 25

It's been a very long time since we had any official updates on Lust from Beyond, but we're definitely going to learn a whole lot more about the first-person horror in the coming weeks, as Movie Games' Lovecraftian title has received an official release date. Thankfully, it won't be long before you get your own chance to assume the role of antiquarian Victor Holloway, join a cult, and get lost in a Victorian mansion.

The Polish video game developer and publisher has confirmed that Lust from Beyond will be available for purchase on February 25. Although the erotic horror was supposed to hit the shelves back in 2020, Movie Games Lunarium needed more time to make sure that the Lust for Darkness sequel lives up to expectations. 

"We'd like to bring Lust from Beyond to your houses as soon as possible, but also give you the best experience," Movie Games said. "This is not an easy task but we try our best every day to make that happen. For this reason, we decided to give us additional time to polish the game and bring a truly immersive product that we all will be proud of and which will give you a lot of satisfaction."

If you just can't wait to explore the grim world of Lust for Darkness, you can download its completely free prologue / demo version — titled Lust from Beyond: Scarlet — right now, and prepare yourself for yet another pulse-pounding (and quite gruesome) adventure from the renowned makers of The Beast Inside

Interestingly, Lust from Beyond is not the only game inspired by the disturbing works of Zdzislaw Beksinski that will be arriving on PC in the very near future, as The Medium will finally make its (hopefully successful) debut as soon as tomorrow (and it will also be available for Xbox Series S/X as a console launch exclusive).

To celebrate the long-awaited announcement, the team has shared this new "worldwide date reveal" trailer:

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