Madmind's First-Person Survival Horror SUCCUBUS Has Received Official Customization Trailer


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Madmind's First-Person Survival Horror SUCCUBUS Has Received Official Customization Trailer

Polish video game developer and publisher Madmind Studio has released a brand-new trailer for Succubus, the long-awaited Agony spin-off with countless unique ways to personalize your main character — a lustful monster named Vydija. Yes, you will be able to make a vengeful beast from Hell your very own.

According to the Polish video game developer, Succubus will allow you to customize the appearance of the titular hero — including her devilish facial features and complexion — and her armour, which will reportedly affect Vydija's special powers (yes, you will also be able to go full-on naturist). That's not all, as players will even have a chance to change the lighting and various weather conditions to suit their mood.

Although Madmind Studio has not announced anything official regarding a potential photo mode, the fact that Succubus is a first-person adventure — which means that you won't be seeing Vydija's face much — suggests that the upcoming horror will give you an opportunity to freely channel your inner paparazzo and take countless pictures of yourself (while playing as a gruesome, bloodthirsty demoness).

Succubus hasn't even made its debut yet — it will arrive on PC at some point between the beginning of April and end of September — but Madmind has already announced that they are producing three more games: Agony Unrated VR — which is being developed by Gdynia-based Ignibit — a psychological thriller Paranoid, and also an incredibly twisted and sickening Saw-inspired experience titled Tormentor.

To learn a bit more about all the customization options in Succubus, take a closer look at this all-new trailer:

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