THE MEDIUM Studio's Next Big Thing Will Seemingly Feature a Proper Combat System


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THE MEDIUM Studio's Next Big Thing Will Seemingly Feature a Proper Combat System

Polish Bloober Team is slowly getting ready to take another step towards becoming "the Blumhouse of the games industry," as the developer is looking for artists, designers, and programmers who will help the core team bring its next big thing to life. Thanks to the success of the recently released Medium — which needed only one day to recoup all development costs — the award-winning Layers of Fear creators may finally have gathered enough recourses to take their somewhat tired formula to the next level.

As mentioned before, Bloober is hiring. The studio has begun the process of searching for key developers — including producers, concept artists, and technical animators — familiar with Unreal Engine 4 and C++. One of these new listings is especially important, as the growing studio is hoping to find a combat programmer.

According to the job offer, said programmer will be responsible for "creating C++ combat systems (both melee and ranged) and integrating them with other various gameplay elements," suggesting that the team's next major project will feature more action-oriented gameplay mechanics — something that would surely be a nice change after years of creating titles focused on wandering around and hiding from danger.

Although we do know that Bloober Team is already developing a new horror title — the mysterious project was announced back in April 2020 — it's not clear if said combat programmer will work on that game or something else (like a sequel to Layers of Fear 2, Observer, Blair Witch, or maybe even The Medium).

It's worth remembering that the aforementioned horror is produced by "a leading video game publisher." Interestingly, the production has a pretty big budget exceeding PLN 30.6 million (approximately $8 million using today's exchange rates) — as the first true AAA video game made by the Polish team. It's also meant to be a new entry in a well-known series (but it most definitely isn't the long-rumoured Silent Hill reboot).

All in all, Bloober Team has managed to launch at least one new video game a year ever since 2010 — with the notable exception of 2018 — so there's a rather big chance that we will learn more about the Cracow-based company's next project(s) and the future of their partnership with Microsoft sooner rather than later.

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