MY FATHER MY SON: Blinkclick Games Reveals New Puzzle Platformer Inspired by Picasso's Paintings


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MY FATHER MY SON: Blinkclick Games Reveals New Puzzle Platformer Inspired by Picasso's Paintings

Cracow-based video game developer and publisher Blinkclick Games has announced My Father My Son, a brand-new puzzle platformer — inspired by the works of Pablo Picasso — that will try to explore the titular characters' complex relationship. Sadly, it will be a pretty good while before you get your chance to play it.

According to the Polish studio, My Father My Son will arrive on both last and current-gen systems — namely PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC (Steam) — sometime next year.

Like every good story, My Father My Son starts with an earthquake followed by rising tension. In the game, what was supposed to be a great family adventure, quickly turns into a fight for survival on an abandoned island. After the sudden death of the boy’s mother and their cruise ship's total destruction, the two survivors will have to learn to work together — and trust each other — to find a way to escape the island in one piece.

At its core, My Father My Son is a 2.5D puzzle game that can be played solo — you'll be able to control each hero separately or play as both characters at the same time — as well as in co-op (locally on a shared screen or online). Interestingly, the characters move left and right in two parallel paths and possess unique abilities (for example, the father can break down doors, while the son is able to pass through narrow gaps with ease).

While we're patiently waiting for more details about My Father My Son, take a look at these new screenshots:

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