OUTRIDERS: People Can Fly Explains Why All Those Excessive Cutscenes Are Necessary Evil


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OUTRIDERS: People Can Fly Explains Why All Those Excessive Cutscenes Are Necessary Evil

The recent release of the Outriders demo version has sparked a heated discussion about the true purpose of extremely short cutscenes in video games, with many players believing that they're nothing more than a way of hiding loading screens. According to the team behind the game, those infamous cuts to black followed by brief cinematic shots are a necessary evil that makes the experience much smoother and a bit less frustrating.

"I'm the person who's triggering the travel, so I want to jump to the other side and start a battle on the opposite side," Lead Designer Piotr Nowakowski told Eurogamer. "Let's imagine one of my friends is next to the city, to Rift Town. The second one is travelling along the main path towards the enemies there. I can't just go there and trigger 3 different areas, because it won't work [...] without dedicated servers."

"Second, if I will just trigger that transition, then the 2 others will be teleported. Then they'll see, okay, where are we? Our idea, maybe it doesn't work exactly as we wanted, but the idea was, okay, show all the players what's happening, that we are jumping on the opposite side," Nowakowski added.

"Same with the doors," the lead designer said. "Okay, we are entering that area. Our idea was to explain what is going on. Plus, we just need to gather all the players and not separate them in different areas."

There's no denying that Outriders suffers from an overload of repetitive cutscenes, but there's hope for some big improvements, as People Can Fly still has a good couple of weeks to finish the project. As a reminder, the Polish developer's first major game since Gears of War: Judgment will arrive on April 1st (and it's not a joke).

The Outriders demo is now live on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X and PC (via Steam).

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