People Can Fly Reveals Why Extraordinary Powers Are Such an Integral Part of OUTRIDERS


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People Can Fly Reveals Why Extraordinary Powers Are Such an Integral Part of OUTRIDERS

At its core, Outriders is a looter shooter — but don't worry, it will feature fully realized characters and actual story missions — combining The Division–like gunplay with a more outlandish skill system inspired by the Mass Effect series. And just like BioWare's great creation, Outriders will allow you to become a space wizard.

In Outriders, every character class possesses at least several unique abilities — including the power to teleport and create time bubbles, summon walls of fire, and ever materialize deadly tools of destruction on the fly — and People Can Fly has tried their hardest to make each of them distinct and actually impactful.

In an all-new blog post, Outriders Director Bartek Kmita discussed the creative process behind those powers.

"There was no set process for coming up with a power — some were envisioned from the beginning, others came about because we saw a need or opportunity as we built the game," the creative director said. "However they were conceived, once we had the [...] design on paper, we started to prototype it with very simple animation, and very simple particle effectsThat’s a quick way to test it and find out: is it fun to play? Does it work as intended? Is it beneficial for the game?"

"When we were happy that the power works as intended, we start to finalize it — and this really is the hardest, and most time-consuming — bit of the process," Kmita added. "As it moves from prototype to a fully animated version, everything from the visual effects to the animation can change how it feels - which means we have to constantly rework it."

Although the works on the game are more or less finished, the Polish studio is still trying to tweak the power system to make it as fun and responsive as possible (and yes, People Can Fly will do their very best to fix those infamous cutscenes / hidden loading screens before the third-person shooter's launch on April 1st).

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