DYING LIGHT 2 Will Step Into Spotlight This Wednesday; Techland Denies Sequel Is in Development Hell


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DYING LIGHT 2 Will Step Into Spotlight This Wednesday; Techland Denies Sequel Is in Development Hell

It's been quite some time since we heard anything substantial about Dying Light 2, but the good news is that we're going to finally learn a whole lot more about the Techland-developed zombie sandbox in the very near future. You read that right, the long-awaited role-playing game will step into the spotlight later this week.

This Wednesday, the Wrocław-based video game developer will shine a new light on Dying Light 2 and talk about the game's (reportedly messy) development process. Although it's great to know that Dying Light 2 is still in the works, you probably should not expect any ground-breaking news — like the sandbox's concrete release date (or even window) — during the fast-approaching project update.

But what you should expect to see this Wednesday is some never-before-seen gameplay footage from Dying Light 2 and an official update on the target platforms, as there's a big chance that Techland's most ambitious project to date has now become a full-blown next-gen title exclusive to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC.

There have also been rumblings that Dying Light 2 is a giant mess — as the studio heads reportedly have no idea what they really want to make, forcing the development team to constantly make major changes to the game (hence why the project is still in development despite being first revealed back in June 2018) — so the upcoming event would be a great place to shut down the rather unfavourable rumours once and for all.

Chances are that's exactly what's going to happen, as a community manager at Techland has taken to Twitter to deny reports that Dying Light 2 is another Dead Island 2 (aka a big game that's never coming out). "Afaik the definition of a dev hell requires the game to not make any development progress, while DL2 keeps moving forward, we announced the game too early but it's far from being in a dev hell," they said.

The sequel to one of the best games of 2015 was originally supposed to make its debut in the spring of 2020.

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