SUCCUBUS Will Get Another Demo; AGONY Spin-Off Is Now Playable From Start to Finish


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SUCCUBUS Will Get Another Demo; AGONY Spin-Off Is Now Playable From Start to Finish

Succubus is shaping up to be one of the most disturbing video games of the year, and if you just can't wait to reign in Hell as a powerful demon, Madmind Studio is already working on another huge slice of the full game set in the gruesome Agony universe. Yes, Succubus is going to get another demo ahead of the game's launch.

With Succubus arriving on PC in Q2-Q3 2021 — which means it should make its debut at some point between the beginning of April and end of September — said demo version of the game might be released in the coming weeks. As a reminder, its first demo — titled Succubus: Prologue — is now available on Steam.

That old demo features the first two levels from Succubus, allowing players to check out the game for free.

Although the horror's release date is a mystery, there's a chance that it will be announced in the near future, as Succubus is already playable from start to finish. "My slaves at Madmind have managed to finish their work on the beta version of the game - so Succubus is now a playable game from soup to nuts," the studio revealed on their blog (while channelling their inner Vydija). "At the moment the whole team stays focused on planning the final stage of the project. Apparently they're very concerned about polishing [...] and releasing it without bugs, too dark places, poor voice acting, and incomprehensible storyline."

That's not all, as the team is also working hard to show you more of Succubus ASAP. Here's a new sneak peak:

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